Sports Balm

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Sporty type … this Balm is made for you !

A gel to prepare your muscles for a workout – ever thought of it? Sativall has created a formula specially for you : a Balm deisgned to warm you up for excercices.

Before physical excercice

We recommend applying this Balm to the muscles and ligaments you’re going to be using. It will:

  • make your joints less sensitive,
  • help you avoid cramp,
  • help you avoid pins and needles,
  • prevent your ankles and feet swelling up.

Bursting with natural active ingredients, this balm penetrates deep into the muscles, swiftly making your movements more supple.

This Sports Balm immediately loosens up the body. Its deep soothing action helps tight muscles relax.

After physical excercices

We recommend the application of Consovit : the comforting gel that will encourage cell renewal and aid recovry after high-intensity exercice.


Pâquerettes ,Hamamelis, Jubarbe des Toits, Katafray, Arnica


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